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A security blanket or lovey is a comfort object that parents can use to help their baby feel safe and secure and they can also assist with separation anxiety.  

Our security blankets feature a variety of fabric textures to provide sensory stimulation for your baby, sensory play is instrumental in your baby’s development. The small size is great for on-the-go comfort and the perfect size for little hands to grasp and hold.

Security Blanket Details

  • Made with flames print cotton fabric, black polyester suede, and soft red crushed panne velvet
  • Hidden layer of flannel for extra durability
  • Blanket has ribbon loops around the outside for added sensory play.  Use the loops to attach to a teething ring or with other toys with a plastic toy link
  • Ribbons are triple stitched to withstand lots of use and love
  • Blanket measures approximately 11″ by 11″ (not including the ribbon)