Pink Nursing Pads


Three pairs of reusable nursing pads. Each pad measures approximately 4 inches across.  Set includes a pink dot print, lady bugs, and birds.


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Breastfeeding is beautiful but leaks are not!  Our waterproof nursing pads are a comfortable and stylish solution so you can focus on the joys of bonding with your baby without worrying about leaks.

Premium Comfort and Protection: 

Crafted with love and designed for the utmost comfort.  Our handmade nursing pads are made with two layers of soft, breathable flannel fabric that feels gentle against your skin.  The waterproof layer is made with the same material we use in our cloth diapers, ensuring maximum protection to keep you dry and confident throughout your breastfeeding journey.

Stylish and Thoughtful Design:

Who says nursing pads can’t be both functional and fashionable?  Our nursing pads feature a collection of cute patterns, adding a touch of flair to your nursing routine.  Embrace motherhood with confidence and style!

Sustainable Choice:

Say goodbye to disposable pads and hello to a more sustainable and cost-effective solution.  Reduce waste and make a positive impact on the environment, one nursing pad at a time.

Easy to Use and Maintain:

Our waterproof nursing pads are designed for convenience.  Simply slip them into your nursing bra for discreet and effective protection.  When it’s time for a refresh, toss them in the wash and they’re ready to use again – it’s that simple!

*For health and hygiene reasons, nursing pads are a personal care item and cannot be returned *